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Short Story Press Presents Benji's Book by Tara Mitchell

Benji's Books is the tale of a young man who hates school and reading. He seeks refuge in a library to get out of a terrible storm. There he encounters a woman who would change his way of thinking and his life forever.

Elsa, the Librarian, asks Benji to lend her a hand in putting books away. They immediately establish a strong connection and forge a lasting friendship. She encourages him to read from the subjects and topics he enjoys. She prompts him to follow his desires. Benji soon learns there is a vast world in front of him to make of, what he wishes. He gains confidence to make decisions for himself concerning his education and future.
Benji and Elsa discuss the adventures they find in books, they spend long hours debating current events. Elsa helps Benji improve his grades as he progresses through high school. He takes an apprenticeship position at the library in his last two years of high school.

Together they study for college aptitude testing. When the time finally comes Elsa helps Benji work through the college and scholarship application processes.

Their friendship helps to keep Benji focused on academics, and looking to the future. He continues his education, graduating from college, but working every summer in the library with his friend Elsa.

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