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Jumping Candlestick

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Short Story Press Presents Jumping Candlestick by Ruth Pettite

Angelique wants nothing more than to meet her personal Prince Charming. She becomes involved in a domestic case, and the officer in the case takes a liking to her stern attitude and brilliance in domestic law.

Frederick comes back after being shunned and verbally excused from this teacher’s presence. She is aware of everything, except that he is readily and eagerly interested in her. After accepting a hasty date decision, Angelique decides that maybe a Prince Charming may come to her after all.

Mystery and suspense fill this man’s life, making Angelique wary of whom she is actually with. Could this be the honest officer that suddenly asked her out? Should she really be here or think twice about the whole thing? Every decision seems to be made for Angelique, although she feels she is making each one on her own.

Will Angelique find her true Prince Charming? Will Mr. Frederick be as special and wonderful and beautiful as he is making everything around her? Or will she be at wits end again, wondering if her Prince Charming will ever show? Watch Angelique jump candlesticks to get to where she wants to be, and with who she really needs to be from a true story short tale.

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