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Jake's Shining Moment, A Jake Stone Thriller (Book 13)

189 pages3 hours


Sidetracked from their planned expedition to Mount Ararat in Turkey to uncover the remnants of Noah's famous Ark, Snowflake and Jake must confront a gang of villains intent on causing a global gender role reversal that could threaten the foundations of civilization. After Snowflake is captured in a cunning ambush, Jake is forced to lead an assault on the enemy's remote mountain compound at the head of a rag-tag crew of feisty and athletic women.

"Jake is at his best in this wild and action-packed tale." Theodora

"Jake is all man in this little adventure--or should I say 'all woman' as he rivals even the great and fabled Snowflake in tenacity and grit. Very entertaining!!" Damsel

Note to Readers: Some of the characters and story lines in this book are taken from the Dirk Cobb thrillers, beginning with volume one, Crack Up, and the Blake Rock novel, Hot and Tough. As with all the Jake Stone books, however, this story can easily be read as a stand-alone novel.

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