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A Journey of Brothers

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“Why should a traveler’s tale keep us from the market?”
“ appears another brother looks out for his sister, too. Do you
not know your brother, Aaslan, searches for you?”
“That cannot be my brother, although, I am certain in my heart he
searches for me.”
“It is one and the same.”
“My brother does not slay wild boars. He cannot hook a worm to
catch a fish without my help. He surely could not skewer a charging boar
upon a sword.”
“I have it on good advice that it is he, traveling with two mountain
men. They are at this moment headed to the city of Istanbul. This nemesis
will not be one to fool with.”
“Please, Prince Haidar, do not harm him for he only seeks to
find me. You cannot fault a brother for wanting to save his sister.”
“Let not your brother come for glory for to do so will be met
with defense. A brother should serve his sister based only upon his love for
her and what is right.”
“He would come for me because he loves me. He would search for
me until the end. If this story is true and he slew a charging boar he would
do that deed for friendship or love or survival - not glory. It is not in his heart
to need to serve for valor of recognition, only to love.”
“Your brother Aaslan is as brave as the name he bears...”

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