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Eve Was Framed Restoring The Plumb Line of Truth
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Eve Was Framed, Restoring The Plumb Line of Truth is a provocative, inspirational relook at the beginning of time in the Garden of Eden, where the mother of us all was convicted for causing the fall of mankind. The book seeks to uncover the 'real' story of the framing and raping of Eve, and therefore the framing and raping of all women born. The book will free the reader mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Religions all over the world have subjugated women with the Adam and Eve story. This book exposes the 'Lie' and brings a fresh, new look at the Garden of Eden story that helps to transform every woman into the 'female' and every man into the 'male' that our Creator purposed us to be. Where purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. Until the Plumb Line of Truth is revealed, the abuse of the woman will continue. Eve Was Framed will open your eyes and your heart to embrace your true purpose in life.

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Eve Was Framed Restoring The Plumb Line of Truth - Bernard McCain, Sr

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I believe I was commissioned by God to write this book to accelerate the transformation of creation back towards Its Oneness with God. I am prepared for others to believe I wrote it to cause controversy. Change never takes place without some discomfort and dispute. Therefore, I anticipate both positive and negative responses to the book. Much of what you read will be new, but scriptural and sound. Change is never easy but necessary!

It has been rightly stated that the definition of insanity is to expect situations to change while continuing to act in the same manner. This is the condition of the majority of the world. We expect to grow naturally, economically, socially, and spiritually; from glory to glory, but we continue to act and teach the same way, from generation to generation.

I talk much about restoring the plumb line throughout the book. It seems the more I read and study, the more I discover that much of what has been written in books and taught is contrary to what the Holy Scriptures actually state. Discovering what terms and phrases actually mean in the Hebrew, Greek, Chaldean, and Aramaic opens up a whole new world to me and hopefully will to you as well. Understanding the culture and society in which the Word was given adds significant meaning and accuracy.

There appears to be an invisible lid placed on society and Christendom by the ‘unofficial leaders’ of our culture and spirituality. These ‘unofficial leaders are self-proclaimed determiners of what we will receive and what they will not receive. They exalt themselves to this ‘unofficial’ position by their belief that because they have arrived to some status on television or on a worldwide conference tour, they are now our rightful Guardians of Truth. The invisible lid is a spiritual and theological understanding of holy writ and the Bible’s views on certain basic truths. This lid cannot be lifted unless one of the ‘unofficial leaders’ crosses it and then he must do so in ‘baby steps’. Anyone else daring to enlighten the world to what Truth actually reveals is falsely accused, scourged, isolated, beaten with words, and eventually crucified and turned over to the media to be exposed as a heretic. Does this sound like what happened to anyone we know? And don’t let the one initiating the ‘new revelation’, happen to be a woman. God help her!

The concept that ‘If we don’t preach it or teach it, then it must be heresy or blasphemy’; seems to be the unspoken credo by some of these unofficial religious leaders. This sounds similar to the ideas of proclaimed leaders in Jesus’ day, which tried to discredit and harm him at every turn. Jesus of Nazareth didn’t have nice things to say about these folks.

So, while I anticipate strong reactions and even a questioning of my faith, I prefer to be considered as a John the Baptist1 crying in the wilderness, Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord! 2

This is not a religious book, but a spiritual one. Although, many of the quotes come from the Bible, the reader is asked to see past their religious dogmas and denominational blinders and discern the truth revealed herein.

My heart’s desire is that ultimately after the dust clears, women will be delivered, men will repent and take responsibility for Adam’s part in the fall, and that both may walk as one in Christ into our destiny as children of God. All creation is waiting on us.

Chapter 1

Challenges make you discover things about yourself

that you never really knew.

Cicely Tyson

But It Sounds So Right

It is ironic but somewhat apropos, that God would use a man to bring an entirely opposing view from the predominately held view of the Garden of Eden account. Traditionally, most of the religious community and the rest of the world following, has held that Eve, the first woman, was to blame for Mankind’s fall from grace. She was the one in transgression, not Adam.

I grew up in church where we went at least five days a week and all day on Sunday. I would first hear all about Adam and Eve and that ‘bad ol’ serpent in Sunday School. Interestingly enough, the Sunday School Teacher was a woman. She would read to us about how Eve was beguiled by the serpent and ate the apple. Eve then went and convinced her husband to eat the apple.

We then would enjoy coloring in the pictures of Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. There was Eve, covered-up by the bushes and tree limbs, plucking the bright red apple from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Looking back, I don’t remember ever coloring Adam, in the Garden of Eden scenery. Hmmmmm

The serpent was always shown slithering and wrapped around the limb of the tree. I just realized while writing this book that we were coloring the serpent without its legs, which was incorrect. The serpent did not lose its legs until after The Fall, and as part of its curse. All this time it was depicted this way and no one ever questioned this. Hmmm…

These images were etched in my consciousness for a long time. As I grew up, these same images were reinforced by the preaching of pastors and evangelist. Nobody ever said anything different. I guess they must have had the same Sunday school teacher and lessons I did.

Then we would go to the morning church service. It sounded so right. The preacher, with a tune to his voice would declare Eve’s deception and transgressions, that ol’ serpent’s beguiling, and mankind’s damnation as a result of it all! The organ would chime in right on key! Hallelujah, what a time! Of course everyone would ring back at the preacher: ‘Go-head Preacher, preach it! ‘Amen, brother’, and ‘Hallelujah’! And the one’s applauding the most; were the women. With that mixture of preaching, everyone agreeing, the Hammond B-3 Organ humming, and the emotionally charged atmosphere and excitement, it could not be wrong. It sounded so right.

How could something so right, be so wrong? How could a truth so pivotal to the Islamic and the Judeo-Christian Faiths be so wrongfully interpreted? Was it by mistake? Or was it an intentional deception by an unseen foe?

These early images left deep impressions in me, and I know, in you. I’ve grown up to herald this indoctrination to all that would listen. This is all I knew. It came from reputable people and ‘It sounded so right’, it couldn’t possibly be so wrong. Or could it?

How many women have grown up with their mindsets formed by the indoctrination that it was Eve’s weakness, therefore their weakness, which caused the downfall of mankind from grace? How many men grew up being influenced by their dads and moms by such error in teaching? How many men and women are in prison or in insane asylums due to the thinking that God blames the woman for mankind’s deterioration?

How have you been effected by such thinking and teaching? How have you and your family been effected by Eve’s burden?

Chapter 2

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.

Margaret Fuller

The Plumb Line

As an Architectural Engineer by education, training and experience, I know the significance and importance of the plumb line in construction. The plumb is a metal weight attached to a string, used by masons and carpenters for establishing the vertical or for testing the perpendicular: the perpendicular position. In other words: for testing the straightness or exactness. Of course, construction workers have more sophisticated ways of plumb-lining a structure, today.

In short, the plumb is used to straighten or plumb up a wall. If the plumb is not applied correctly, or not applied at all, the result will be a building with the appearance of soundness, but given time, cracks will appear in the walls, floors, and ceilings. I am sure you have seen cracks in the walls of older buildings. This is caused by the building’s settling, or an incorrect plumb having been applied to the foundation of the structure, or by its having no plumb applied at all. The building was aesthetically beautiful when it was built, but the foundation was not laid properly!

No matter how strong the materials are that are used in the construction of a building, or how large the structural members, if the plumb is off or not applied there will be cracks in the walls. No matter how loudly we preach or how wonderful our homiletics or hermeneutics, if what or whom we teach is off plumb, we will still see cracks in the walls of our lives, our family’s lives, and society.

We can place plaster or some other materials in the cracks and paint over them, but the cracks will continue to grow wider and eventually, the building will collapse upon itself. No matter how much covering-up of the cracks one attempts to do, the building will ultimately fall upon itself.

Many of us have imploded within ourselves due to wrong thinking about ourselves. We grew up developing a self-destruct mechanism inside of ourselves based on the wrong image of ourselves, placed there by well-meaning, but ignorant instructors who bought into the ‘Blame Eve’ doctrine.

Thus he showed me: and, behold, the LORD stood upon a wall made

by a plumb line in his hand. And the LORD said unto me, Amos, what

seest thou? And I said, A Plumb line. Then said the LORD, Behold, I

will set up a plumb line in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again

pass by them anymore: 1

I believe the LORD God has set a plumb line in the midst of spiritual Israel, the Body of Christ, of which you belong. How do our walls look? How are our floors? Look at our ceilings. Are there cracks? What is the condition of Christ’s Building?

The LORD God said He would not pass by Israel anymore, but would set a plumb line in the midst of the people. The Creator of the Universe uses a plumb line in forming His creations! The Creator used a plumb line in creating you.

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will

build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 2

What rock was Yeshua referring to? It was the revelation of; who Peter said Jesus was. After all, this was what the whole discourse in Matthew the 16th chapter was about: who is Jesus? The Father God spoke through Peter and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Upon this revelation of the Christ, Jesus said he would build his Church. Why then do we preach and teach more of Jesus in the flesh, than Jesus as the Christ glorified in the Godhead? The apostle Paul tried to continue the plumb line when he directed,

Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we

have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him

no more. 3

Whether we realize it or not we are under construction! There is a building being erected-better