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Environmental Toxicological Chemistry for Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health Science, provides a brief overview of environmental chemistry and toxicological chemistry needed by students and practitioners of industrial hygiene and environmental health science. Environmental chemistry, is the study of the sources, reactions, transport, effects, and fates of chemical species in the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, the geosphere, and the biosphere and the effects of human activities thereon. Toxicological chemistry relates the chemical nature of substances to their toxic effects on organisms and is closely linked with environmental chemistry.
The book addresses environmental and toxicological chemistry within the context of the five spheres of the environment: (1) The geosphere, (2) the hydrosphere, (3) the atmosphere, (4) the biosphere, and (5) the anthrosphere, that part of the environment made and operated by humans. It is extremely important to consider the anthrosphere as part of the environment because human activities are modifying the Earth system to such an extent that we are entering into a new epoch, the anthropocene, in which human influences are dominant. The most notable of these is climate change that is being driven by emissions of greenhouse gases from the anthrosphere into the atmosphere.
The specific sections in the book are the following: (1.1) Introduction: What is Environmental Chemistry? (1.2) The Environment and Evolution of the Environmental Movement (Sustaining a Livable Environment). (1.3) Environmental Chemistry of the Hydrosphere (Water Treatment and Recycle). (1.4) Environmental Chemistry of the Atmosphere (Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming). (1.5) Environmental Chemistry of the Geosphere (The Geosphere and Natural Capital, Soil) (1.6) Environmental Biochemistry of the Biosphere (Toxicological Chemistry). (1.7) The Anthrosphere and Environmental Chemistry (Components of the Anthrosphere). (1.8) Sustainability, Industrial Ecology, and Green Chemistry. 1.9 Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health (The Role of Green Chemistry in Occupational Health) (1.10) Summary: Environmental Chemistry and Sustaining Our Home.

Published: Stanley Manahan on
ISBN: 9781476092782
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