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Will I See Fido in Heaven?

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Many Christian do not believe that animals go to Heaven. For many, many years I was one of them. I had always hoped that animals would be in heaven but not until one day while reading the Book of Romans did I find the part of the answer when I came to chapter 8, verses 18-23, in the Living Bible. In those verses I found new meaning concerning animals and God’s eternal promise to them. Not being sure I had fully understood the meaning of the verses; I read them in the King James Version. My understanding of the meaning of the scriptures remained the same. Then I thought, if animals truly are found in Heaven, the Book of Genesis should give some more indication of God’s plan for all his creatures from the beginning of creation. In fact I found there that God included the animals in his eternal covenant with Noah. Each of the seven times God spoke of his covenant with Noah, he included the animals.

By then my confidence of seeing my pets in heaven was growing stronger. I thought that if all animals will be in Heaven, then surely the Apostle John, in his vision of Heaven and the eternal promise God has given us will also indicate that animals will be in Heaven. Sure enough, Revelation 5:8-13 says all creatures recognize Jesus as the Savior of the world and they praise God right along with redeemed men.
From that point on, I asked for Holy Spirit guidance to indicate three places in the Bible concerning: Do animals have a soul and spirit? Are they sinful or sinless? Do animals have wisdom and insight? I found the answers to each question restated in many Books of the Bible, both in the Old and New Testaments. An added surprise was Scripture stating that animals praise and recognize God as their Creator and Provider.

“Will I See Fido in Heaven?” is from God and of God. I am humbly grateful that I am allowed to be a vessel through which God brings the good news about the creatures He has made and will have throughout eternity and share the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us as well.
I pray you will have joy and peace through the Word of God concerning for your pets eternal destination as well as that of yourself as you read “Will I See Fido in Heaven?’

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