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Requiem for the Damned

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•In Sudan’s war ravaged Darfur region, the government backed Janjaweed militia launches a genocidal attack against a pair of defenseless villages.

•In Washington D.C., a routine police raid on a high-class brothel trafficking in underage prostitutes turns deadly.

•In the Sinai desert, a small group of Muslim refugees who hold an ancient secret arrive at an isolated Israeli border post seeking asylum in the Jewish state.

•In Somalia, an ex-soldier of the defeated government army walks into a dusty town in search of work with a ruthless pirate warlord.

These events, seemingly unrelated, reverberate through the corridors of power in Washington D.C., Tehran, Tel Aviv, and Beijing, sending the special forces of four nations on a collision course in the lawless Horn of Africa. There is a war going on—a new cold war—and the prize is domination of the world’s natural resources: oil, strategic metals, and, above all, human beings.

Two spies, two countries: Hannah Parras, Mossad assassin, and Ivana Svilanovic, CIA special operations officer, are ordered to risk everything in the name of national interest.

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