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It developed in the great apes of the Congo basin, making a cross-species jump to humans, like ebola and HIV. Its status blossomed into a world-wide pandemic. A virus, so virulent, it killed nearly every one it infected. And it didn't stop there. The virus caused the dead to reanimate. The walking dead fed on the flesh of the living, causing the disease to spread geometrically.

From Africa to the rest of the world, we follow several threads of mayhem, death, survival, reanimation and more death. These include a bitten airline pilot on a flight to Paris; a New Orleans celebratory bushmeat dinner for the local African population which turns into tumult in the Big Easy; a freighter headed to the Bahamas with a tainted cargo, a special passenger and an infected crew; a deathly ill U.S. Senator returning from Paris who spreads the disease in the Capitol; and a special game buffet of gorilla and chimpanzee meat flown into Key West from Kinshasa in the Congo which launches the story of our main characters. We follow them to the end of the story. They find a place of refuge they think is safe and survive a number of assaults by the living and the dead. A heavy measure of violence, a lesser measure of sex.

The unhappy circumstances unravel to an apocalyptic ending where a cure is created, but the end is perhaps uncertain.

Published: William D. Gibson on Jul 23, 2012
ISBN: 9781452436227
List price: $2.99
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