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Night Terrors

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A collection of 14 stories:

The Pendant: A woman receives an unusal present for her 21st birthday and experiences a transformation.

Foster’s Alley: 13 years after a fateful decision, a woman comes face to face with her past.

Cry Baby Bridge: A school bus passes over a bridge with a tragic history.

Ghost’s From the Past: A daughter is reunited with her father. Will they mend their differences?

Spelunking: Exploring an underground cavern, 6 friends are attacked by the creatures that live there.

Circus Clowns, Balloons and Juliana: A woman experiences dreams about losing her daughter at a circus...except she doesn't have a daughter.

Free Candy: A tale that warns of the dangers of accepting candy from a stranger.

The Perfect Woman: A man visits a brothel that claims to have the perfect woman.

Starting Over: A couple adopts a child.

The Real Ghost Busters of Hollywood: A peek behind the scenes of a reality television show.

Alien Invasion: Earth is being invaded!

The Family Curse: Dr. Frank Stein experiences the curse that has plagued his family.

Greenlawn Mental Institute: The doctor that runs the mental institution has his own personal issues.

The First Wave: The Beginning: How the zombie apocalypse begins.

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