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The Storm Inside The Dome

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The death and destruction of Hurricane Katrina forces the citizens of New Orleans to flee for their lives. Those not fortunate enough to escape were evacuated to the Louisiana Superdome. More than 30,000 people turned to the stadium as a "Refuge Of Last Resort", as a combination of the Hurricane and violent looters turned their beautiful City into a warzone. Inside the Dome though, they find no refuge.

Brave and well-meaning authorities simply do not have the resources to maintain control in the midst of one of the most unforgiving Natural Disasters in History. United by the same evil desire to rule the stadium from within, the most sadistic street gangs of New Orleans form an unholy alliance, under the leadership of Mason Jackson...A humongous, steroid pumped psycho. Mason orders his minions on a drug fuelled regime of murder, rape and rampage. The stadium quickly falls under total gang control and the desperate people of New Orleans have further horror and misery inflicted upon them by the cruel and seemingly unstoppable alliance.

Nobody is willing or able to stand up to the gangs until former Police Captain James Heath arrives at the Dome. Discovering his teenage daughter has been taken by Mason Jackson, Heath will stop at nothing to get back the only thing in the World he has left. Once a decorated, celebrated and heroic figure in Law Enforcement, Heath is now tragically a shadow of his former self. Multiple Sclerosis and Alcoholism have ravaged his once strong and athletic body. His Heart still burns with a fearless desire to rescue his daughter from the gangs, but his now fragile body will not allow it. After exhausting all options in getting his daughter back, Heath has all but given up hope until a chance encounter with a man he once crossed paths with many years ago. Desperate and with no other option, Heath looks to this man as his last hope.

A dangerous career criminal known as The Collector is also forcibly evacuated to the Superdome. The 280 pound powerhouse gained his name from his notorious reputation as a Debt Collector for some of Americas biggest crime families. A rage-filled loner who cares about nobody but himself, The Collector wants nothing more than to escape the stadium and continue with his journey. The Collector owes nothing good to Heath, but can his services be bought?
Retrieving the Heath girl from the clutches of the psychotic giant Mason Jackson would undoubtedly be The Collectors biggest ever challenge. The gangs, the criminals and all the evil in New Orleans have seized the opportunity to rise up. The path through the Superdome is filled with hazardous obstacles and a danger at every turn. The Army are not able to pass the waves of violent, heavily armed street thugs. What chance does one man have? The journey to the Heath girl would be a collision course for destruction and a violent storm that rivals what Katrina is throwing at New Orleans. One man may have no chance...But if any one man is big enough, bad enough and has what it takes to bulldoze his way through impossible odds...It may just be The Collector.

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