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What you say- your ideas and opinions and your vocabulary - are very important in
revealing your character. The way you speak - your fluency ( without gabbling, of course) , your tones of voice, your audability and your pronunciation also tell others (literally) a lot about you.
Your pronunciation is most likely that which you have heard since you were young and the pronunciation that is used by the people where you live. It is , therefore, the pronunciation you will probably use all your life, unless, of course, you are motivated to change your pronunciation and accent. This is possible, of course, with careful study and application. Actors do it constantly.
It is always important to avoid pronunciation errors , especially when you are speaking to a group of people, as mis-pronunciations can make you look foolish in the eyes of your audience.
The aim of this book is not to change your pronunciation and accent but to make you aware of the significance of punctuation and that in any accent you can communicate well , if you give the components of pronunciation their
full value.

Published: John Skull on
ISBN: 9781476213590
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