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You Will Meet a Stranger Far from Home: wonder stories

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"The stories compliment yet satisfyingly differ from each other, the atmospheres are like different-colour palettes. Jeffers can be cruel, pragmatic, tender, sweet, funny, sexy, and devastating. The stories, and their underlying themes and currents, linger. A most collectable collection." --Tanith Lee, award-winning fantasy author

"This collection of 10 linked stories presents a curious but engrossing blend of cultures, sexualities, and gender identities in worlds where magic is both ethereal and ever-present.... Jeffers (The Abode of Bliss) has an elevated writing style that fits snugly with the stories' subtle but persistent titular wonder." --Publishers Weekly

Named one of the 2013 Over the Rainbow Project book list, sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table of the American Library Association!

An American teenager meets Adonis on a sailing cruise off the coast of Turkey. A merchant of the Silk Road encounters a dog—and a brother—from another world. An old lady on a distant planet attempts to help her great-grandson grow up in a world that will soon forget women ever existed. A Massachusetts boy refuses to visit fairyland. Another American teenager on vacation encounters three fallen angels and is transformed.

Alex Jeffers's first collection of fantastical stories is a treacherous box of delights that was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award!

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