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Unknown Country, The Trilogy

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Unknown Country contains the entire trilogy, Light From A Distant Star, Light Of An Alien Sun and Light Of The Home World. Following the crash of the shuttle Atlantis on a distant planet, astronauts must survive on an alien world where the highest form of technology is the sword. Dual thumbed humanoid clansmen, hideous enemies, a world yet to be explored and humans driven to war.

Book one, Light From A Distant Star. Following the improbable transport of the shuttle Atlantis to a world called Mith Sulanroth, Commander Mac Crowe and the other survivors battle across an alien landscape searching for sanctuary or a lost technology that could affect their rescue. The huge alien craft that stranded them here is gone, possibly never to return. What mysteries and dangers lurk on the world now known as Myth?

Book two, Light Of An Alien Sun. A world changed. A world gone mad. When a huge alien spacecraft suddenly appears over earth within a spectacular ring of fire, then suddenly goes dark, the world is plunged into chaos. What is the intent of the silent aliens? Are they friendly or an enemy with technology that will lay waste to the planet? Amid the uncertainty, wars ignite, terrorism explodes and the next great space race is to reach and claim the alien technology - no matter the cost.

Book three, Light Of The Home World. On the world called Myth, a legend is born, a prophesy unfolds and the armies of the Chalgu are on the march. The hideous Aranu are nearly wiped from the planet, which should be great news to the humans. But the Chapgu are a far more fearsome enemy and they are intent on the destruction of Commander Mac Crowe and his allied clansmen. There can be no surrender. This is a war of eradication for nothing short of genocide can restore the lost god of the Chalgu.

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