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How To Fail Any Examination

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This book can be a good accident to You and others.
There are many activities that do not add value to your life. Those are activities which do not help you live a better life ten years from now. Identify such activities and spend your time on them.
I want to believe you will want to fail any examination and you still want to know how to fail any examination.
To pass or to fail any examination depends on HOW you spend your time. It depends on WHERE you spend your time. It depends on with WHOM you spend your time. It depends on WHAT you spend your time on. It depends on WHEN you spend your time.
Let me start with WHEN you spend your time. Do you know how much time you have? Hardworking students and candidates have about eighteen to nineteen hours of waking time. They sleep for about five to six hours. They want to pass any examination. Your case is different. You probably have fifteen hours of waking time. You sleep for about nine hours. It is you who knows what you will be doing with your fifteen hours of your waking time. After all you want to fail any examination.
Spend your waking time badly, carelessly. Waste as much time as possible. Spend your waking time where no learning activities take place. These can be places like the dormitory, when others are in class; in the toilets or behind toilets or dormitories; on the road walking to and from hospital, having feigned illness; around the kitchen, attending to business that doesn’t concern you at all ----

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