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When good girls meet boys behaving badly, it's a dance with danger! Suzanne Dawkins is thrilled when her long-ago high school crush, Jasper Wintonberry, moves back to Glendale in this short tale. Now a successful house flipper, skilled at renovations, the last thing she needs is a dead body popping up at the house she wants to sell to Jasper's mother. That stinker, Kyle Hargrove, is a man who can't keep his hands to himself and can't take no for an answer. He assaulted her best friend, Jane, years ago and chased her out of town. Did he also kill the missing owner of the sweet bungalow? What does this have to do with the dirty pictures used to blackmail Jane all those years ago and convince her not to press charges against Kyle? Is Suzanne next on the killer's list of victims? And what is the secret Jasper is carrying around with him? Will it extinguish that spark between them, ruining their chances for love?

Published: Sara M. Barton on
ISBN: 9781476118567
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