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Over Easy

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Over Easy is a war story, a love story, and a California story. Second in the author’s California series, it chronicles the lives of the workers building Liberty ships in Sausalito during World War II. The beauty of the physical work itself and a task completed.
A breakfast cook, Frank Cooke, and welder, June Whitmore, are the central characters. June is a descendant of Vilpo Bragg, protagonist in To The Ocean. A group of black shipworkers and their racial and union issues also weigh in, as does a Japanese soldier. Yes and what would a WWII book be without a perspicacious Communist character?
Many of the key battles and authors of the era make an appearance. The author has captured the language and beat of this critical time.

Peter Stewart’s California series can be read individually, in order, or out of order. To The Ocean, Over Easy, and coming soon The Kalevala.

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