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Light Journeys: A User's Guide to Chakra Meditation

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You have a dynamic system in your body of more than 2,000 chakras (energy centers) that change constantly and affect your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. You need not be at the mercy of this powerful system. In Light Journeys, Dr. Green focuses on the seven major chakra centers located along the spinal column and shows you how to interact consciously with your chakras. In so doing, you will develop the skills to dramatically improve your sense of harmony, balance, focus and concentration as well as your health, well-being and creative expression. Specific Meditations address aligning your chakras, reclaiming your personal power, opening your heart, exploring the interrelationship between the chakra centers, increasing and balancing yourself energetically, gaining insight, understanding and problem solving. This is a hands-on,practical and most useful approach to a powerful and subtle energy system.

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