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Movie Magic: Suzi B. Mystery #2

138 pages1 hour


The movie business is complicated enough on its own, but that doesn't stop little Suzi from manipulating the production of a film to help her find out who killed someone she knew.

As usual, all the adults are amazed at how she puts her plan in motion, and pulls it off with the cameras rolling.

You'll be sitting on the edge of your seat as she tries to complete her devious plan.

Attorney Peter Sharp, Suzi's legal guardian, and his ex-wife, District Attorney Myra Scot Sharp are forced to sit by helplessly and watch a film crew's video-assist monitor reveal Suzi's dangerous plan unfold as she tries to capture an entire gang of dangerous criminals.

This is the second of her adventures, after nearly getting blown up in her previous case, all told in "...Sorry, Wrong Number," also now available in both print and eBook formats, and soon to be available as an audiobook.

To learn more about Suzi's background and the development of her crime-solving abilities, you should read about her previous exploits as the brain behind her legal guardian's law firm in all 15 of the "Peter Sharp Legal Mysteries."

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