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Kiss and Smell

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A wife who intentionally lost her memory, a husband who lost his wife, a woman who lost her loved ones, a man who lost control of his life – and how they all found what they needed because of the odd, eccentric detective, The Basset.
Would Abigail regain her memory? Would Alex find the love of his life again? Would she maintain her sanity after meeting her long deceased mother? Would “Kiss and Smell” really work?
Would Gynni’s tragedy and thirst for revenge trigger a chain of causes and effects, involving Abigail, The Basset, the FBI, and a psychologically troubled Fuzzy Fepheff?
Would Fuzzy resolve his problems and gain freedom from his domineering wife?
What if you had the chance to spend “Just One More Day” with someone you love and miss, someone you admire, or someone you find just interesting? Psychiatrist Ray Hibernia found a way to provide you with “Just One More Day”.
Between the answer to all these questions lies a brutal murder, a revenge plot, and a series of prevented injuries.
Can The Basset, with his ever-present canine partners (a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen and a German Shorthaired Pointer), his penchant for describing people as dogs, and his equally eccentric human assistant reunite Alex and Abigail, but not before intervening in the nefarious plots of the evil Too Sisters. Two malevolent siblings with no moral compasses, just a demented pleasure of inflicting pain.
Conundrums, strange people, dogs, loonies, danger, mayhem – and in the end, a solution to the puzzle and justice. So, put your nose to the ground, pick up the scent, and follow the trail of Kiss and Smell.

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