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Family caregivers out of the house and into hot water!...A pair of lovers plotting a husband's demise...a hit man on a mission...a gang of thieves, a man who's life is spinning out of control...and a group determined to leak government secrets -- this is one motley crew of bad guys for the caregivers to face. Alone or with their loved ones, these heroes have their hands full....

The five short novellas in this anthology were originally published individually in the Practical Caregiver Capers series, now available in one download at a bargain price:

Murder at the Mountain Vale Inn:

Two women arrive at an idyllic mountain resort in search of a relaxing weekend. Mary has finished her second battle with cancer and just wants to have a little fun with her best friend from childhood, her loyal and dedicated caregiver through the rigors of cancer treatment. The last thing they expect is to be dragged into a murderous plot that threatens to drag them underwater with the victim.

Murder on the High Seas:

When caregiver Kate sails for Bermuda on a little R&R, she never expects to find herself drawn into a murder plot. Pestered by a man who can't take no for an answer and wooed by a man who seems too good to be true, Kate has to figure out what is real and what is not. It's not easy to be a middle-aged, baby boomer femme fatale, but the ever feisty, confident Kate does her best to solve the mystery.

The Inscrutable Case of the Nobbled Netsuke:

On a trip to a Japanese exhibit at the maritime museum, faithful caregiver Muriel and wheelchair-bound Fred never expect to catch a heist in progress. When little clues start adding up, they're on-the-spot witnesses to the criminal plot. Their wise-cracking sidekicks, Jerry and Lila, complicate everything. Will the foursome succeed in solving the crime? Only if they can pull their act together....

The Passion Beach Psycho Strikes at Midnight:

Melanie Reynolds' world is turned upside down when her mother has a stroke. Trying to balance her career with her mother's needs, she figures out a way to have a working vacation in Passion Beach, a picture perfect vacation spot. But from the moment they arrive, they are baffled by a series of odd events that include fake cops, screams in the middle of the night, and even a dead body. Who's next?

Who Snatched Aunt Marion?:

Izzy gets Cousin Phil's chilling call for help from Kabul and learns Aunt Marion is in peril. As details unfold, Izzy determines that a group of anti-government leakers thinks hers is a CIA family, thanks to young nephew Ryder's naive efforts to be a hero. They've kidnapped elderly Aunt Marion and her caregiver in a plot to identify the spies in the family. Can Izzy find them in time to save them?

Published: Sara M. Barton on
ISBN: 9781476495675
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