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If you think you know your spouse really, really well...think again!

Bill had often fantasized about sharing his wife with another man, but he’d never dreamed that she shared the same fantasy. And when they met a pair of horny young bachelors who were happy to oblige, his memory of how they all enjoyed the evening was totally different from his wife’s!


The guys in the next hotel room had come to Tampa looking for a last fling before getting married, so they were understandably disappointed to find the beaches empty.

When I introduced my sexy wife to them, and saw the looks on their faces, I suddenly got a very delightful idea. Sammi loves to flirt. These guys were bummed because they hadn’t been able to ogle any beautiful women. Wouldn’t it just make their vacation perfect if Sammi flirted with them all night, and made them feel ten feet tall?

Besides, I’d always secretly fantasized about seeing Sammi bang another man. Of course she wasn’t really going to do that. But seeing her come on to these two, verbally, would give me all kinds of inspiration for some really heavy duty fantasies later!

I excused myself, and drew her inside long enough to outline my plan. As I’d suspected, Sammi thought it would be a riot! So I left her to have fun on the balcony while I took my own steaming shower.

Just thinking about her banging those two was enough to give me a raging hard on. I solved it in the traditional way, and stepped out of the shower refreshed and relaxed. And looking forward to a fun filled evening...

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