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This popular ATF publication, State Laws and Published Ordinances - Firearms, has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text ebook format reproduction - and is actually easier to read than the original document.

Because of its massive size, it was necessary to split this document into two ebook volumes.

The introduction from the ATF Acting Director states:

This publication is designed to help you comply with Federal and State firearms laws. Specifically, it will assist you in complying with the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA). The GCA prohibits licensees from selling or delivering a firearm to a nonlicensee whose receipt or possession of the firearm would violate State or local laws applicable at the place of sale or delivery. In addition, this book will assist you in making lawful over-the-counter sales of rifles and shotguns to out-of-State residents—transactions that must meet the legal requirements of both your State of residence and the purchaser's State of residence.

Contents include: Currency of Laws * ATF Offices & Information * ATF Field Divisions * Forms/Publications/Licensing * ATF IO Field Offices * Attorneys General * Brady Law Information * Permanent Brady Permit Chart * Relevancy Criteria * Unlawful Acts * Federal Age Restrictions * Chapters: * Alabama * Alaska * American Samoa * Arizona * Arkansas * California * Colorado * Connecticut * Delaware * District of Columbia * Florida * Georgia * Guam * Hawaii * Idaho * Illinois * Indiana * Iowa * Kansas * Kentucky * Louisiana * Maine * Maryland * Massachusetts * Michigan * Minnesota * Mississippi * Missouri * Montana * Nebraska * Nevada * New Hampshire * New Jersey * New Mexico * New York * North Carolina * North Dakota * Northern Mariana Islands * Ohio * Oklahoma * Oregon * Pennsylvania * Puerto Rico * Rhode Island * South Carolina * South Dakota * Tennessee * Texas * Utah * Vermont * Virginia * Virgin Islands * Washington * West Virginia * Wisconsin * Wyoming

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ISBN: 9781476346939
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