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An event happens on January 22 that changes the course of history forever. Two towns are destroyed, and there is one survivor, Pollock Drake, a 15 year old. He is taken into custody as a suspected terrorist. Another attack occurs during the interrogation. Drake escapes and fights to survive against a country that is after him while trying to kill what destroyed his home.

Told in the curious narrative style of epistolary form. It takes information from different newspapers around the country, journal articles, "confidential presidential transcripts," and many more to tell a story about one man and how he affects the country around him.

One question remains, though, what is the Dragon Cycle? Is it about a real dragon? Is this dragon even real? Is this dragon a person who belongs to a group called Dragon? Answers will be answered as we go on.

Everything that is in this book is important to the plot of the book. That includes the date which is oddly written as ???3 for the year.

Published: S.T. Harvey on
ISBN: 9781476295626
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