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Meditations: Between the Light and the Storm

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We all walk and live somewhere between the light and the storm. I hope that these unique guided imagery meditations will take you on joyful journeys. They are filled with warmth and a touch of playful humor. Two introductory meditations are followed by four possible endings. This allows you the freedom to create the meditation experience that will be the most helpful for you at this moment in time.
Come take that first sip of morning coffee with me. Let's go for a peaceful morning garden walk. We'll experience the bright hot white light and the cool black shade of the midday sun. We will watch the landscape change as the sun sets and the first stars begin to appear. Once again feel the warmth of gentle rain on your face. Feel the power of the pouring rain as we observe it secure in the warmth of candlelight. We will wrap up in our quilts or blankets as we watch, hear, smell, and feel the energy of the storm as lightning arcs across the sky.
Each meditation is followed by three affirmations. I hope that these affirmations will assist in focusing your awareness and enhance the heart of that guided imagery meditation.
I love to put compassion and positive intentions into all of my art and written work. I am a Reiki Master. I accompany this healing practice with the use of Tibetan singing bowls and Tibetan style chant.

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