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Wisdom Beyond Her Years

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Have you ever dreamed of living your life over again?

Would you make different choices this time around? Would you the wisdom of hind-sight to make sure you didn’t make the same mistakes? Would you have more confidence, take more chances, love more, and live more? Would you die without regret?

When 67 year old Ariel Connolly participates in an experimental attempt to capture the brain functions and memories of 20 ordinary Australians in 2017, she honestly thinks nothing will come of it. She can hardly believe, in fact, that anyone would give good money to fund such research.

Three days after the scan, Ariel dies. As she passed, she thought that would be the end of the story.

So when Ariel wakes up 192 years later, in a new 19 year old body, in a post-apocalyptic underground city, her scepticism about the experiment isn’t the only thing she is forced to re-evaluate. She finds herself excited and confronted in equal measure, with hormones raging and a body that looks like it could do anything.
When she meets the charismatic and dangerous Carla, one of the most powerful women in New Sydney, Ariel learns just how much her new body is capable of.
But Ariel’s new body can’t change who she is and who she has always been. Through love, rebellion and betrayal, Ariel learns one timeless lesson – no matter how many times you get resurrected, you can’t escape from yourself.
Ariel has wisdom beyond her years, but all the wisdom in the world may not be enough to save her.

Please note: this book contains adult themes, occasional coarse language, and lesbian sex scenes

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