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boomer lives by himself in the woods. he likes it that way. boomer is a very unfriendly cat. he waits for silly pussy-cats to wander into the woods and then he whacks them. whack whack whack. boomer is happy whacking pussy cats.

one day someone builds a fence around the woods. boomer flings himself against the fence. how will those silly pussy-cats get into the woods now? boomer is a very unfriendly cat but how can a cat be unfriendly if he doesn't have anybody to be unfriendly with?

boomer climbs the fence. he leaps to the other side. there are no silly pussy-cats to be seen. he hides in a garage to wait. unfortunately a car drives into the garage.

two human beings get out of the car, a man and a woman, not that boomer can tell the difference between them or would care if he could. the man puts on rubber gloves and chases boomer around the garage. boomer regrets leaving the woods. right about now he could be asleep in a tree. boomer is a chubby cat, a leisurely cat. the man is too fast for boomer. the man removes boomer from the garage and drops him in the mud room.

boomer blames the fence. he wouldn't be in this chamber of horrors if it wasn't for the fence. the man and the woman wouldn't have washed him in soapy water or put him on a leash. he would still be in the woods. on the other hand he wouldn't have met the pussy-cat who lives in the house.

the pussy-cat's name is rafe. rafe is a smart pussy-cat. he knows that boomer is a dangerous cat. rafe sleeps in the bedroom with the man and the woman. in the daytime he squeezes under the furniture. if he didn't boomer would whack him. whack whack whack. boomer knows that rafe is a smart pussy-cat. boomer thinks he's smarter than rafe. boomer thinks he can whack rafe and get away with it.
boomer's plan is a perfect plan except for one mistake. his mistake is he doesn't expect to get whacked back. boomer has never been whacked back before. it's a new experience for him. he doesn't like it and he doesn't want it to happen again. how can boomer be sure it won't happen again? boomer isn't a genius exactly but he's smart enough to figure that out for himself.

read the story and find out how boomer never gets whacked again.

Published: John N Whittaker on
ISBN: 9781476294438
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