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Three Point King

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What is the difference between a gift and a talent? A young man by the name of Jack is about to find out. At thirteen years old most gifts and talents are not yet recognized, but Jack's gift is evident to anyone who watches him shoot a basketball. Despite his incredible ability, Jack finds himself leaving a small Kansas town with his mom for an urban city where his perspective on the world and relationships with others will be put to the test.
Jack's first test is finding a friend. As he reaches out to a homeless boy he learns that friendship breaches the chasms of finances, ethnicity, language, and ability. His friendship spurs retaliation from two bullies determined to teach Jack he does not belong in their world.
When Jack decides to try out for the school's basketball team the bullying intensifies. It escalates until a horrible accident occurs and Jack is faced with the reality of possibly losing the opportunity of sharing his gift. Through hard work and dedication Jack learns that a gift must be refined into a talent and that his talent encompasses more than shooting a basketball.

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