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Pelican: Escape or Die

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Rowe, Miller, and Hubbard, are prisoners from an ancient war. As far as their government is concerned, they are missing in action. As far as their families are concerned, they are dead. Since their capture they have been used as slave labor by their captors, but now political changes, and their deteriorating physical condition mean that they face imminent death.

But then a chance of escape presents itself...

More than a year before, and far far away, and old man had put the muzzle of a shotgun to his throat and gone to push the trigger.

This novel tells their amazing story.

(Author's Note: Even though some years have passed since these events took place, I have had, in the interests of international relations, public face, personal feelings and, indeed, diplomacy, to leave some elements of this story deliberately vague. I have also had to include small amounts of disinformation. However, intelligent readers will have no difficulty in filling in the gaps, as it were, and picturing, indeed, the whole story. My main hope is that this book will prove a fitting epitaph to Al Eckman. I also hope that sometime in the future, Hollywood will do its duty and produce a fitting tribute to this incredible man. Where are you Mister Spielberg?)

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