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Ferral's Deathmarch Army

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Prince Kristian's army was annihilated and his attempt to free his betrothed, Allisia, was a complete failure. Through his mistakes, King Kristian now understands what true honor means and what he must do to make amends.

But the sorcerer-king, Ferral, still controls the demon and a vast army of the dead. It would seem that no one is left to challenge the evil man -- a power-hungry religious fanatic whose plans to subvert the Erinian continent are closer to becoming reality.

Will Kristian be able to raise a new army when the only kingdoms with soldiers left have been at war with each other for one thousand years? Can Kristian truly learn from the past and earn back the trust of those he needs to lead? Will Allisia ever escape Ferral?

Only with the help of Mikhal, the cavalier sworn to protect his king despite his anger and haunting dreams of the demon, and Cairn, the mysterious swordsman seeking revenge for the death of his love, can King Kristian hope to survive and get another chance at saving Allisia ... and defeating Ferral.
Follow the continued epic fantasy adventure in Ferral's Deathmarch Army, Book Two of the Erinia Saga.

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