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When Darkness Ascends (The Adventures of Charlie Webster, Book 1)

100 pages1 hour


Nine-year-old Charlie Webster loves to get lost in his small collection of books. The only problem is that he lives in Dorado, a country run by a regime that has outlawed any book that isn't state-approved. One day, he wakes up and discovers that he is no longer in Dorado, but in another time and place where the sun never sets. Beneath the canopy of the lush forests, he finds delicious berries and crystal clear streams. He feels like he is in paradise, until he realizes that each day there are several total eclipses which bring complete darkness...and horrors beyond his wildest imagination.

Approx. 21,000 words

As a special gift to readers, this book contains a never-before-published 4,000-word bonus story, "The Suncatcher."

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