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No Easy Day: A Fictional Account of the Mission That "Killed" Osama Bin Laden

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Also by Conrad Powell...

(Crime Thriller) Detective John Aston Martin Start Thriller Series, Book 1): START

Haunted by the biggest case in his past, New York City Detective John Aston Martin Start, on a routine murder investigation discovers a plot to rob the Bank of Jamaica in the island nation and sets his sights on attempting to thwart the plot.
Quentin Errar, the illusive head of an international weapons, drugs, and money laundering empire has hired, The Posse, to carry out the plot.
In Jamaica, he discovers that someone is out to kill him but who and why? In a race against time not even Usain Bolt could run, Start must find these answers before he is shipped back to New York in a body bag.

A serialized crime thriller like no other.

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Detective John Aston Martin Start Series:

Book 1 - START:

Part 1 - Fall
Part 2 - Kill (included free when you purchase any other Part)
Part 3 - Plot
Part 4 - Site
Part 5 - Trip
Part 6 - Jail (Coming Soon)

Purchase the Box Set: Parts 1 to 5 of Start (Detective John Aston Martin Start Thriller Series, Book 1) and save money.

(Paranormal) Vampire Redemption - Twilight at Dawn Saga (Book 1) – Parts 1 to 7.
A fallen angel roams Earth as a vampire for 8,000 years before coming face to face with his miserable existence. He angers Lucifer (Son of The Morning Star) and becomes an outcast from the Dark Kingdom. Now rejected by both good and evil, he must find himself or cease existence. With Lucifer's attempt at a second overthrow of The Kingdom of Heaven brewing, his actions are even more critical.

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Twilight at Dawn Saga:

Part 1 - Vampire Redemption
Part 2 - Vampire Conception
Part 3 - Vampire Salvation
Part 4 - Vampire Light at Dawn
Part 5 - Vampire Apostle
Part 6 - Vampire Celebration
Part 7 - Vampire Prophet
Part 8 - Twilight

Purchase the Box Set: Parts 1 to 5 of Vampire Redemption (Twilight at Dawn Saga, Book 1) and save money.

(Fantasy) James Stone and The Secret World – James Stone Series (Book 1) – Part 1 – Portal: A young boy is transported back to the time of Adam and Eve after drinking the tears of the crucifix at his local church.

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