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Dark Aeons

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This collection of terrifying tales reveals the timeless horrors that lurk behind all of existence, bringing these eternal fears to chilling life. From ghost ships to faceless men, from mad winds to silver doors, from carnivorous rain to interdimensional fishers, and from succubi to visions of hell, this twisted collection of horrifying tales will leave no reader unchanged.
In "Parallax," a young man and an aging professor team up to defeat an interdimensional horror. In "Winds of Madness," a young boy suffers from a crippling, irrational fear of winds. In "Sally," a Pilgrim town bands together to cast out a witch.
In "Station Fourteen," a dying Lieutenant tries to warn mankind of a terrible horror close to home, and in "The Vessel" a Roman equestrian is stalked by a terrible black ship. In "Afflatus Divine," three individuals find their creativity hijacked and used for evil purposes, and in "The Silver Door," a young boy finds far more than he bargained for in the depths of his town's ancient library.
"Hell Factory" presents a terrifying vision of hell, and "The Derelict" chronicles a space scavenging team's wrong choice of prey. In "The Horror in Woods," a small town descends into the realm of terror, and in "The Parasite," a young girl descends into madness, sickness, and death.
Explore these and other chilling situations in Dark Aeons.

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