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My Nephew & Mossad Vs. Iran's A-Bomb

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This is a humorous novel, full of surprising and fast movie-like scenes:
Young pilot Iraj and elderly navigator Cirus - both working for the Special Missions airplane of Iran’s President, are joined by Iran President’s beautiful Secretary Geetea (she’s the pilot’s secret sweetheart) - in a plot to escape from the Iranian Dictatorship. They request, assisted by a social network in the internet - a political shelter in a foreign country. After having clarified that the surrounding Arab countries fear from Iran and refuse to get them, the plotters decide to take a risk and contact Israeli ‘Mossad’. When the President’s airplane is flying to Syria, ‘to strengthen the Syrian Regime, that is facing its rough-tough rebells’ - the plotters escape, using deception tricks, that at last bring their plane to land in the neighbor State Israel...The deception is so successful, that at first impression – President Mahmud Binajad and his advisor- Sayed Hussein( a disciple of the Ayatullah) are deluded, that they are in a Syrian military Airfield. But after being brought to a ‘Farm-like’ imprisonment camp, the Iranians ‘digest the reality’, that they are in the enemy’s State...This creates a lot of funny scenes. Most thrilling and maddening of those is - when the imprisoned president and his team discover that a seemingly Duplicate President of Iran is shown on the TV screen. The ‘real President’ – is outrageous and all his team members are appalled. Mahmud Binajad tells his men that he mainly worries what will happen now to his Project: “the A-Bomb”...The immediate decision of the President and his Adviser- is to escape immediately. They will find a way to be rescued by their friends (neighboring Hizbullah and Hamas terror organizations, or by the Syrian regime)and return to Iran. After many failures to be rescued - the Iranian plane’s Passengers are suddenly promised to get back home- if Iran’s President ‘recognizes in Israel's Right to exist’. Otherwise he would be put in an open cage like a lion, and driven on a truck along all the towns of Israel. His limbs will be cut slowly by the outrageous citizens, that he used to threaten for years by his A-Bomb. The poor president is terrified, and agrees to sign ‘a declaration of ending war with Tzuyuni-Zionist-Israel’. But only now the Mossad discovers that it is too late, as ‘Israel has just heard, that the Ayatullahs’ regime had announced in the media, that the the Dummy president ruling now in Teheran - is excellent indeed. The Iranians added, that the Ex-President had been found to be a traitor. He wouldn’t be allowed to get back home, and better hang himself... So, Binajad is sent by Israel to Yemen, where a Sheite tribe will help him to survive...My nephew is fired, for not reporting his superiors ‘about the irrelevance of the imprisoned President’. In fact he had really reported them about that, but they disregarded it. So, as always, ‘the poor Gate’s Guard was found guilty’ and sent to the hell of one hundred millions unemployed in this dim world...
The above synopsis is only a small part of the entangled and sophisticated plot of this fantastic story. You need to read all of it, in order to enjoy the anecdotes, jokes and jerky situations - with unending outbursts of laughter.

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