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A Sip, a Bite, a Mouthful: A Memoir of Food and Growing Up in Shiraz

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A story of growing up in Shiraz of the 1960s told through memories of food and cuisine, A Sip, A Bite, A Mouthful contains an account of Iranian customs, passions and rituals; it depicts a vivid picture of life in pre- and post-revolutionary Iran; and it touches on experiences of Iranian expatriates and the migration of their favourite foods, feasts, tastes and eating habits to the west.
Engaging, intimate and frequently witty anecdotes are framed within a non-linear story and garnished with recipes for Southern shrimp stew, Northern stuffed fish, Shiraz herbal drinks and a bevy of other delicious foods and drinks.

A Sip, A Bite, A Mouthful strikes a balance between the personal and the general, between the serious and the light, and reaches out to those who are passionate about food and those who are not; people from Iran or who know a fair bit about it and people from elsewhere. It haunts the reader with its heartfelt food memories, and provides an insight into a way of life, a time and place, and the experience of people who have left the place they grew up in.

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