When someone has a brain injury, everyone in the family is affected in some way. Spouses, parents,
siblings, children, friends – they will worry, have questions, and try to help the injured person through
this difficult time. The amount of activity and information you face can feel overwhelming. You have
entered the world of Brain Injury and it is filled with unfamiliar medical terms, treatment procedures
and specialists. The future may look very uncertain as you try to make sense of what it means when your
loved one has a brain injury. You may be asking, “Where do I go from here?”

This handbook brings together a lot of information that will help you...

- Understand your loved one’s condition
- Become familiar with stages of care and treatment
- Identify a path to legal and financial resources
- Find support and assistance from family and friends and
- Learn about services in the community.

During the first days or weeks of care in a trauma center or hospital, the last thing you may want to think about are insurance, finances and legal issues. This handbook explains why it is important to learn about them in the beginning of your loved one’s care.

Published: Frank Toral on
ISBN: 9781301481194
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