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Unlikely Heroes

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Four years have passed since Peter and his younger sister Emily lost both their parents and other close members of their family in an accident. Now they have been summoned by Mr. Cash, the family’s solicitor, for the will reading of a grandfather that had been missing and now presumed dead for the past eight years.
Soon their magical journey to Melodrama begins; a land whose inhabitants include fairies, elves, wizards, witches and other mythical creatures. Peter is renowned for asking too many questions, but for once may not like the answers.

Why was Mr. Cash so insistent that no one, not even their sole guardian, Aunt Mable, must know of their secret quest? And how did their grandfather come into possession of a set of scrolls that were to be the key to this crazy world?

At least for now, they have struck up an uneasy truce with Brittlerack, a cantankerous old gnome who is out for what he can get, but can he be trusted?

The battle between good and evil is fast gathering momentum and strategically everyone must fight for the best attacking positions. But the winds are travelling strong as they prepare to meet at their rendezvous in the North. Whilst fulfilling their obligations for the inhabitants of Melodrama, they eventually come to realise that perhaps they need to fulfil a few of their own.

But whatever the outcome, they know that their lives and of those around them, will never be the same again.

An exciting adventure story to suit children of all ages

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