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Unbelievable... Yet True

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If you, like most readers, easily relate to someone’s true life experiences, you will enjoy Theresa D’Souza Greenhough’s story. Born in Bombay (now Mumbai), she set all-India track records as a teenager training for the Olympics. Following a near-death experience she encountered God personally and felt directed to turn her steps toward teaching young people as a Roman Catholic nun.
How God took Theresa from 15 years in the convent in India to a Pentecostal college in Canada and then to the United States, reads like a continuation of the biblical Book of Acts. Through dreams, visions, and divine appointments God directed her path and guided her decisions in supernatural ways. The Holy Spirit has used her as a gifted evangelist in miracles, signs, and wonders—thus the title, Unbelievable...Yet True. Her biographer, Barbara Cavaness, has captured both her lively humor and intense spirituality in recounting her amazing journey from India to the West and back again “to the land of many gods to tell the people of the one true God”—as God instructed her.
One endorsement reads, “Whether you have known Theresa for 15 years, as I have, or you will meet her beginning in Chapter 1, you are in for a blessing. Her testimony to the great faithfulness of a miracle-working God will inspire you. Sister Theresa’s pulpit ministry greatly impacted two churches I pastored—one made up of minorities near New York, the other mostly Caucasian in the Midwest. Both congregations were powerfully ministered to through her universal appeal and tell-it-like-it-is biblically-based preaching. Prepare yourself. Open this book. Get ready to believe and then to receive the miraculous power of God in your life as well.” Greenhough’s God-given ministry has impacted thousands of people. Her words of inspiring testimony, clear Bible interpretation, and practical spiritual applications will stretch your faith.
Former seminary president, Del Tarr, writes, “I can personally attest to the veracity of this servant of God who models for the Western Church the path of walking in the Spirit as Paul enjoins us in Galatians. The secular world’s god is science and it has contaminated the church world with skepticism about the supernatural in our day of technology. Sister Theresa’s book shows the way back if we look at how she walks!”
Theresa and her husband David have established Gateway International and Gateway Ministries to rescue and care for street children in Bangalore and educate young people from poverty-stricken areas—both rural and urban. And the story goes on! God is writing new chapters daily through the lives of these dedicated ministers.

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