"Seriously one of the greatest things I've ever read." - - Wil Wheaton

In 50 hours, the world as we know it will end!

Like a celestial alarm clock, our Sun is about to enter a cycle of giant solar storms that will short circuit our planet's magnetic field. Overwhelmed into a weakened discontinuous state, the natural protection of the Earth will take two centuries to fully regenerate. The solar storm damage will be so great, it will decimate life on Earth and destroy our modern technological civilization.

It could drive us close to extinction... again.

It has happened before, but it was long before humans had writing. The cycle is so long, and the magnetic field event occurs for such a short time frame, very little geological evidence is left after. There is no way we could know it was coming.

Now it will occur again in 50 hours.

Amid this imminent catastrophe is The God In The Clear Rock, a mysterious ancient artifact from a lost civilization of giants. She is somehow connected to the series of deadly solar storms beginning to hit earth.

And she has a secret.

Fast-paced scenes jump across centuries and millennia of time as the mystery of The God In The Clear Rock deepens. Unforgettable characters come together over the years and are suddenly thrust into an unknown countdown in a race against the sun.

The God in The Clear Rock has everything you could want in an epic adventure story – ancient civilizations, giant humans, high technology, military combat, artificial intelligence, and a timeline that covers 78 millennia. Engaging, imaginative, and believable writing will drag you into the intrigue and drama as it begins to unfold across the planet.

First in a six-book series covering the entire 50 hour countdown to the end, The God in The Clear Rock presents the initial eight and a half hours. But 78,000 years of tragic human history lead up to this first exciting book. The story blends the hour-by-hour style of the TV drama ‘24’ and the intelligent storytelling of Asimov with the twisted plots of George R.R. Martin.

It’s filled with science, technology, history and adventure, plus a cliff-hanger ending that will have fans jumping into the second book in the series.

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ISBN: 9780983609100
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