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The Power of Right Action

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Taking the right action is what feels right according to your own heart and intuition. Action is our relationship to everything. Sometimes we resist doing what it takes to get where we want to go. We look for the magic formula, or the magic person to make it all better. It would be less painful to take the action in front of us, no matter how difficult it seems. Now is your moment. In observing and understanding the great thinkers of great thoughts included in this book, it is safe to conclude that each right action taken will enrich your total life experience and so you should be left to explore the action in peace at your own pace. These leaders were persistent; they took consistent action and today we still marvel at the impact they made or are making in the world. My fellow adventurist, I'm a student of truth who has done and continues to do what I know must be done to create the life and relationships I want now! I have discovered that having dreams and passion is not enough. By journaling positive actions and gratefulness on a daily basis, you can channel right activity and learn to rise above obstacles which ordinarily might defeat you. The time is now. Take right action!

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