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Opposing Force

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Part 2 of the Justified Trilogy

Dominique Justice is taking her six-year-old daughter Danielle out to the family cabin where her husband Daemon is finishing getting things ready; it's a three-day weekend and the last of the winter snow has melted. Before going out to the cabin, Dominique wants to fill up the gas tank and to get some treats for her and Danielle. As they move to the back of the store, a group of robbers enter the store and block the only exit.

A female accomplice of the group takes control as she goes to the back to get to the safe. The remaining accomplices, both men, remain in front and tell the rest of the patrons to begin to file into the cooler. Dominique and the robbers can't see each other with a clear line of sight, and are using a convex security mirror to see the other.

As the robbers get ready to file everyone into the cooler, a couple of new customers, a man and a woman, arrive. The leader reasserts for Dominique and Danielle to join the rest in the cooler. Dominique refuses for her or Danielle to enter the cooler. And while the new customers are placed with the other patrons, Dominique takes advantage of the diversion to call the police on her cell.

As she speaks, the robbers see she is talking on the phone and the robber guarding the door and the female rush Dominique. She reaches into her purse and pulls out her pistol and fires at the two rushing robbers. The door guard she scares off; the female she kills.

With the death of the female robber, the leader vows to kill Dominique. The last two robbers begin to surround Dominique and Danielle. Again, she fires at the robbers, but the leader advances with the woman new customer as a human shield. Not hearing anything from his other accomplice, the leader decides to try and kill Danielle, keeping his shield before him as he fires at Dominique's daughter.

Dominique has to react to the one trying to kill her daughter, but is hiding behind an innocent bystander.

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