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Beyond the Limits

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Beyond the Limits is a collection of 100 word “Drabbles” that I have written over the past year. They were inspired by a writing contest that I participated in and found quite challenging. The Drabbles were arrived at using various techniques; single word prompts, three tier prompts, and even some picture prompts. Each one of these types brought about a different thought or emotion that I put into the short story. Some of these have a definite idea that leads to a conclusion. While there are a few that are open ended allowing you the reader to ask the question of “what happened next?” This I believe could lead someone to carry on the story to broader heights with possibly more characters.

Books are made up of words, ideas and thoughts and are often influenced by the things that we read and enjoy. I had a wonderful time writing each one of these little stories and I trust that something in one of these might just “spark” that writer in you. Please enjoy your time in these pages, and if you enjoy the writing here please tell your friends.

Thank You, Kurt Frazier Sr.

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