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Tears of Blood Book One: The Five Scrolls

516 pages9 hours


The year is 55 AD. The Christian faith, polluted by false teachings, is dying. John Mark, commissioned to write a true gospel, discovers the existence of 5 secret eye witness accounts. They are waiting for the man who possesses the cloth containing the tears of blood shed by Jesus at Gethsemane. John Mark is that man!

As each scroll is recovered, the reader is given access to its contents. Mother Mary chronicles her Son’s life up to His crucifixion. Jesus details the 24 hours up to His death on the Cross. Mary Magdalene reveals the little known events of the next 40 hours. The Apostle John documents the 40 day resurrection period. Peter, struggling with his own shortfalls, narrates the challenges of the 10 days from Ascension to Pentecost.

From Nazarath to Magdala to Jersualem, John Mark tries to elude the High Priest mercenaries while collecting the scrolls. When 3 of the scroll authors are captured, John Mark seeks help from among the Christian leadership. The climax will come at the High Priest’s palace as shocking secrets are revealed and old debts are finally paid. Can they save the life of the Christian faith?

The Five Scrolls dares to ask - who really authored the four gospels?

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