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“Cold Butter on Roof”

Pete Butters was tired of sitting on the roof of the bowling alley during one of the coldest days of winter. Surveillance seemed much more glamorous on television. Still, someone had to watch for the guys who were breaking into cars in the parking lot.

He’d better do a better job on this surveillance detail than he had last week, when he’d actually helped a man steal a large, heavy object. That had been hard to explain to his chief. He was determined to prove himself by capturing these thieves. Still, maybe he had time to go get a quick cup of coffee first. What harm could it do?

“Rookie on the Beat”

As the police department’s newest hire, Alexis had much to learn. For example, don’t tell the bad guys you’re coming, or they might run away. Or how to make mosquitos work for her, chasing criminals into jail just to escape their nasty bites. And, of course, how to figure out where she needed to go BEFORE cranking up her siren.

Tonight, she and another female officer are sent to break up a riot involving hundreds of people. How can two patrol cars sound like an invading army?

Published: Echelon Press LLC on
ISBN: 9781590803523
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