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2051 is a story of a loving couple, one a 99 year old ‘young woman’, the other a 106 year old brain in a machine that can fully communicate and make love with her human form. They set off, both locked in machines to explore a new planet, Chancri, discovered in 2007, to avoid destruction as the last remaining rebels. The fear is that the enemy, namely, the one-world government, is out to destroy the rebels. The story predicts how when arriving to explore Chancri as a home for the rebel group, they are captured by nanobots – the intelligent life forms predicted by Ray Kurzweil. The pair, Alpha and Omega, are brains now locked together in machines – and still making love, still human, with all our fears and hopes. They assume the worst about their new captors and they expect the end of humans as we know them today. What happens as they set out to destroy themselves and their captors in a black hole will keep you turning the pages.

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