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Night Terror

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Angie Ramirez is writing a series on the abduction. She’s convinced Rebecca’s father was a participant. The media frenzy unwittingly permits him to become a celebrity, a symbol of grief-stricken parents everywhere. In spite of growing public sympathy for the father, Angie continues her scathing attacks. Death threats against her escalate into a terror-filled reality. Frightened, she solicits the help of her uncle, a Congressman, whose concern prompts the President Special Counsel to dispatch Special FBI Agent James A. Dixon to Oakland California.

Working so closely with Angie, Dixon falls in love with her. It’s mutual, but she asserts a platonic prerogative. A colleague from Dixon’s days at the Oakland PD confides his involvement with a notorious racketeering cartel.

Maria Sanchez Angie’s cousin, an administrative secretary in the Child Protection Services -- uncovers incriminating evidence implicating cocaine trafficking by City Hall Council members –Dixon and Ramirez discover the identities of several key gangsters and eventually expose Ernesto Polaris as their ringleader in partnership with an Oakland waterfront cabal.

Main Characters

Angela Ramirez: A vivacious, gregarious, strong-willed beautiful woman in her thirties. She’s instinctive, driven to be the best in her journalist field. She struggles internally with a matriarchal mother.

James A. Dixon: FBI Special Agent, forty-seven, family man of unassailable professional integrity. He’s a specialist in the Infant Abduction Unit. He’s a somber realist with an exceptional ability for solving difficult abduction cases.

Louis Allen Burke: Hardened career criminal suspected of, and later admitting to, kidnapping Rebecca Williams.

Ernesto Polaris: Maritime shipping tycoon and drug kingpin and bay area Mob racketeer. A former college roommate of the President, whose influence later exonerated him of antitrust charges, is now linked to worldwide sex trade operations.

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