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Not Quite Classic Cars. Saved From the Scrapyard With a Rusty Spanner. Car Repairs on a Shoestring.

80 pages26 minutes


This lovingly written little book recounts a true car enthusiast's thrifty repairs on cars that were never considered classics and mostly destined for the scrap yard!

Enough images and 'car stuff' for the mechanic in you; enough story even for those with only a passing interest in cars, this book is a fantastic window on an era when everybody tinkered with their cars to keep them on the road.

Some of the cars he talks about are now becoming collectable, but at the time he had them, they were just old, cheap and unwanted.

If you remember Sunday's under the bonnet or scouring scrap yards for parts, you're bound to enjoy this lovely little book. With a few interesting facts thrown in for good measure, it really is a great read for anyone who's ever loved a car they owned.

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