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An Introduction to Selling at Mastery

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Customers have been badly served in the marketplace over the last 25 years and it is getting worse. The profession has a horrible marketplace reputation. Retailers are having their markets and margins squeezed. Because of rising energy and food costs, today's average customers have less money and are being much more careful about where they will spend it. This opens up incredible opportunities for salespeople and businesses willing to lead the field by operating at mastery.

The “Selling at Mastery” self study program, which begins right here, will provide all the potent tools for individuals to offer the highest levels of customer service, create the highest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty while securing their personal financial future.

This introduction explores what it takes to become a sales master. It delves into what the role of a master sales professional is and what it is not. There is an exploration of the primary source of obstacles to successful selling . Then the spotlight is shone on the factors that limit salespeople (and others) from rising to the levels of attainment they hope for. Why this happens is also explained. And, to finish off, chapter 5 concentrates on the most powerful of all the customers dominant buying motives. Understanding this powerful truth can improve your closing ratios dramatically. You supply the passion and Selling at Mastery will provide the knowledge for you to sell and serve at mastery.

At the end of this e-book, is an extensive list of the many, many topics covered in the “Selling at Mastery” 20 lesson, self study program. You will see that nothing is held back. There is also a special personal challenge in which you can positively impact the quality of salespeople and sales organizations with just one simple good deed.

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