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No Easy Day for Mark Owen: The Legal Brief

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EXCERPT from book:-

“A wise defense attorney could turn this case into a referendum on the government’s attempt to conceal the truth and silence a defenseless Matt B. who is simply being railroaded by the American Government.

I can hear the closing argument now or at least the argument I would make to defend him.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury; What we are here to determine is not how a brave soldier who risked his life to defend this great country of ours could attempt to sell it out for a buck as the prosecution would have you to believe. We are here to determine how on God’s earth could this brave soldier risk his life for America yet have to fight harder for his own life, own character, own existence harder than he had to on the battlefield. You have the power to set this brave soldier free; brave not only for taking out the greatest terrorist to threaten our shores, but braver yet for holding the mirror of truth up so that his beloved America can also see that truth reflected like the twilights last gleaming.”
A jury could certainly find on a balance of probabilities that the government tried to cover-up the truth and that Matt B. was simply trying to give the public the truth about the raid.

Also by Conrad Powell.

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