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Contra Pantheism (Atheism): An Essay

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The essay refutes the validity of Atheism as a rational point of view and shows Atheism to be a form of Pantheism. It does this in ten arguments. The work also includes a brief glossary and some notes. Math concepts are used often to show the irrationality of Atheism. The Paradoxes of Zeno are used to attack modern and ancient notions that can lend support to a naturalistic explanation of the world that are often used to support an atheistic view of the world.

The math is essentially arithmetic (except in the note on Euclid's argument for irrational numbers). The work does not require broad knowledge of math and is comparatively speaking an easy read (under 10,000 words including notes, glossary, face page). Easy read does not mean absence of thought and reflection on the part of the reader. Deists and atheists are encouraged to attack my essay if they think an attack is merited. Mathematicians can flail away as well at my attack on modern and ancient math concepts.

Since it is my contention that Deism is a rational position, my use of logic and arithmetic is entirely appropriate.

In particular I take a sympathetic view for the most part to the views of Parmenides and Zeno regarding motion but offer an alternative explanation and a new atomic theory. I attack the existence of irrational numbers, infinite sets, transcendental numbers, Non-Euclidean Geometry, and any view that holds all existence to be one essential nature (monism). Existence itself is the only monism but has several forms that cannot be fit into an everything is one doxology: matter = spirit = mind = god (solipsism or the inverse solipsism of materialism.)

NOTE: I use the term: plenum to mean any continuum, including the continuum of empty space, since I accept space as something that really exists. I revalued the meaning of the word without explanation in the essay, but mention this here and in the latest version. (2/16/2019 date of note)

Thank you for your interest and it is hoped you are enlightened by at least some of what is contained in the work.

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